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What's the difference between bundling, hand, extended core, and machine stretch wrap?

Bundling Film has a smaller width (2 inch, 3 inch, or 5 inch) and is hand applied.

  • Applications:
    • Securing long lengths of product, such as extruded metal, wood molding, PVC lengths, pipe, rebar, etc
    • Bundling together multiple small boxes so they ship as a single unit
  • Advantages:
    • Small width
    • Similar application as tape but with no sticky residue
    • Easy to apply
  • Means of Application:
    • Handy Bundler our most common bundling film, it comes on a 3in. core and ships with one plastic plug-in handle per case
    • Best Bundler comes on a 1in. core which extends almost 5in. beyond the film, creating a built-in handle for each roll. Ships with a red rubber grip.
    • QuikWrap our best, most efficient and most ergonomic option, ships on a 1 3/4 in. core and with one black plug-in handle per case. The handle end features a black rubber grip that rotates freely around a core, allowing for easy application and a secure fit into the core of the stretch wrap.

Hand Wrap comes in 12 inch, 15 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, and 30 inch widths and is hand applied.

  • Applications:
    • Wrapping small pallets of average weight and evenly stacked product
    • Large pallet wrapping, but not in large quantities per day
  • Advantages:
    • Can wrap a full pallet without the large capital investment required by a stretch wrap machine
    • Portable and can be used anywhere
  • Means of Application:
    • Standard Hand Wrap ships on a 3in. core and is applied by hand or with a variety of dispensers (12in., 15in., and 18in. widths)
    • Extended Core Hand Wrap ships on a 1in. extended core (looks like a rolling pin) and is applied by hand (20in. and 30in. widths)

Machine Wrap most frequently comes in 20 inch or 30 inch widths, but is also available in 40 inch, 50 inch, and 60 inch widths.

  • Applications:
    • Standard size skids but of heavy-weight product which require a high degree of stretch
    • Environments that require multiple skids to be wrapped per hour throughout the day
    • Semi-automated environments
  • Advantages:
    • Machine wrap can obtain a stretch of over 250%, depending upon the film and the machine
    • Saves time
    • Greater efficiency and safety
    • Saves money on stretch wrap by getting more stretch out of each roll
  • Means of Application:
    • Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machines range in price from $6000 and upward and offer a variety of options to best fit your production and budget needs
    • Stretch Wrap Machines are generally not mobile and are restricted to a specific location within your warehouse